Keeping the Planet Healthy

Conservation International states that humans rely on nature. I believe this with my whole heart. And I know that it doesn’t take much to throw the balance of nature out of whack. Look at the past, when the pesticide known as DDT caused so much harm to important birds like eagles and condors. Let us learn from that past experience.


Like many liberal minded people, I am afraid of how the current administration feels about natural resources. There’s such a haze of greed around the people given the right to decide about clean water, preserved nature, and the well-being of creatures in the environment.


Birds and many other animals migrate. Their care and well-being aren’t a matter of borders and nations. They belong to the planet. A wall across a migration route is a death sentence for creatures adapted centuries ago to traveling against the seasons. NatureServe is a much-needed network of conservation groups and scientists working to keep nature going.


EcoWatch is concerned about the EPA being deleted when the planet needs it the most. Watch these videos to get the idea. The Environmental Defense Fund is gearing up for the toughest action they have ever faced. The man who has been assigned leadership of the Environmental Protection Agency has sued the agency repeatedly and accepted money for his campaign from the very people convinced that the environment is just fine. Conflict of interest will not give our children or grandchildren a beautiful world to live in.


NatureServe is hosting a conference in April. This year’s theme, Managing Natural Resources and Biodiversity in a Rapidly Changing World, highlights and acknowledges the uses and pressures on our natural resources as well as the efforts and activities to protect and conserve them. Understandably, they will hold it in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. People there see first hand the effects of global warming. If you register by March 5, 2017, you will get a discounted price. It’s not a cheap event, but it’s a cause so worth the effort and expenditure that you can’t not attend if the means present themselves.


Obviously, these and other organizations need our help and support in the coming years. And if getting to a conference in Canada is difficult, then likely getting to the parts of the world where work needs to be done will be nearly impossible. So here are some lists of the best conservation organizations to donate to. Find the one that touches your heart and gives you pause when you think about your future descendants.




Keep good thoughts about the world in your heart and mind. Be open about your feelings, but do not blame others who do not feel the same. We need every person on this planet to be involved on the level which they choose. We can work it out. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.


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