Spring Baby Boom

Southern California is wonderful for keeping birds because Spring arrives a bit earlier than elsewhere in the country. My birds know it’s a good time to start raising babies. I love the fact that I am providing lots of sweet companion birds for people who love small parrots.


Columbia and Eddie

Last week, my three budgerigar or parakeet chicks weaned themselves off of formula and are going to town on millet, parakeet mix, carrots, apples, and broccoli. They were flying so they left the brooder and moved into a real cage. They are next to my English budgies, who seem fascinated by the little birds.


The babies needed to have their wings clipped so that they will continue to be tame and sweet. Even when they bite, they don’t do any damage. And I already have some people interested in buying them.

My zebra finches are out of control. Four or five chicks hatch about every week. I will be pulling the babies soon and selling them. There is one male who is so beautiful, I may keep him and pair him up with a new female from another breeder. I only wish the society finches would feel comfortable and give me some chicks. May need to think about a separate flight for them.


My cockatiels Pineapple and MomBird are sitting on eggs. Some of those eggs are the ones MomBird laid before her first mate, Ash, passed on. I really want those to hatch. Another week and I will know if they are good or not. Pineapple, for never having been a dad, is being a shining example of great fathering. He is in the nest box almost around the clock. I am sure he comes out to eat at dusk and dawn, and MomBird may feed him in-between. When I do a nest check, he attacks and bites me. So cute!


Inside finches, green singers and gray singers, are not nesting at all. May need to rely on Aviagra for them. The waterslager canaries have build a beautiful nest and Bubbles sits on it for a few hours a day. Rico feeds her and chirps to her, but I don’t know if he’s ever been successful in mating with her. No eggs and the season for them is just about done. Silly birds.

My biggest news is that my Indian Ringneck parakeet, Orion, is female! We knew Wraith was male due to the ring around his neck, but Orion was young when we got her. I gave them a nest box and watched. Wraith did some courting of Orion and then she disappeared.

We had some cold weather and storms, making me anxious that something had happened to Orion. So my husband managed to open the peephole near the bottom, warped slightly due to rain, and reported she is well and sitting on one egg. Oh my goodness! They should be hatching soon and I will pull the chicks around the end of the month. Looking forward to those special babies. Can’t wait to see what color they turn out to be. Mom is green, dad is gray.

no feathers needed
Just out, gotta love us!

The violet lovebirds are on their last clutch of the season. They laid a ton of eggs, interrupted for some reason when I moved things around in their flight cage. So far only three hatched. The second chick hatched close the outside of the nest box and apparently, mom and dad didn’t sit on that baby enough. We had a frosty night and the little one did not survive. The remaining two looked healthy and well-fed, so I left them in the box. Sadly, the younger one didn’t make it. I can’t figure out what happened to that baby. So far the singleton is doing well and with luck, another one or two might hatch.

In spite of losing some birds at the beginning of the month, the influx of chicks and the picture of the future gives me hope and lifts my spirits. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.

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