Mice Eradication, Round 2

Poison is often the only thing that works on pests. I use Avian Insect Liquidator with excellent results against ants. I use a potent gel bait, Advion, against roaches. And I use d-CON bait stations for mice. We have little trouble with ants these days, the roaches are at a minimum, but the mice come and go around my ability to keep up with the bait stations.

Checking on line, I found an electronic device that puts out a constant frequency sound that the mice find super annoying. So they will leave. My husband did some further research and found a better-reviewed device where we could get two for the price of the first one. We ordered the device and received it. We plugged one in the kitchen, where the problem is worst, and one in the bedroom. As of this date, the only mice we see are dead ones. See the part on poison bait below.


The bedroom mice are often entertaining. They move between the bedroom and bathroom, sometimes startled to find us in residence in either and jumping over our feet. I often make what Mike calls my Default Noise when this happens. Our vicious dog, Tilda, will sometimes bark at the mice and run after them, but she doesn’t know what to do with them when she finds a dead one. Lately, she has been afraid of them completely. She sleeps between us so the mice have to go through us before they get to her.

072317 bait station

The biggest drawback to the poison bait is that the mice crawl out to die in the middle of the room. Okay, actually, it’s worse when they die in the walls or under a cabinet. Phew! Twice now, we’ve had them climb into the box fan in our bedroom window. There’s a tap-tap tap noise then nothing. The first time, we didn’t know what that was and didn’t see the mouse until its odor wafted up and brought us to its almost final resting place. Now, when we hear the sound, Mike knows he has to open the fan and clean things out.

Outside, I have the bait stations is places where the birds can’t get to it and if anything drops out of the station, it will not go into their aviaries. These stations are the out of sight, so when they are empty, I don’t always know soon enough to keep the defenses strong. Lately, I noticed a mouse scuttling around the axillary cage in the air lock and I think there is a nest of rodents under it, below the pallet that is the floor of the safety area. Luckily I can put a new station under there and all should be well in a few days. I need to remember to do it, however.

072317 mouse in trap

One other reason the outside mice are gaining in population might be the fact I lost my cat in March. She wasn’t much of a hunter in the last year or so, but I believe just her scent kept the rodents in line. Getting another cat right now isn’t the best option since we anticipate a big move to another state in a couple years. This is certainly a good time to downsize the flock and figure out how to transport the ones I have.


Two more years of fighting off the mice through seasons of fire, mud slides, and drought. I know they are desperate to find a place to live that is safe and has all the amenities. I hope the northern state we end up in has weather too drastic for the pests. The idea makes the thought of moving less scary.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday!

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