You Know You’re a Parrot Owner When

Play stands are perfect surfaces for placing keys, sunglasses, hats, and purse.

You buy new play stand so you don’t have to clean off the old one.

080617 take two

You collect any representation of your parrot type, no matter how ugly or badly done.


080617 eye of beholder
Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Everyone you know on Facebook shares bird videos with you. Which means you get to see all the latest ones a dozen times and old favorites resurface over and over.

You can identify the type of seed that created the chaff on your clothes.

You get into one-up conversations with other bird owners about how smart/cute/sneaky your parrots are.

You post more photos of your parrot on Facebook than friends do of their children or grandchildren.


All your friends who know you write fiction suggest you use a parrot in a story, and you are already working on that story line. Now you have to dedicate the story to all of them.

You have to watch the movie RIO several times to realize he’s a Spix Macaw, not a Hyacinth. And it’s important to you to know the difference.

080617 macaw comparison

Not only would you spend your last dollar getting food for the birds instead of yourself, you most likely can eat the same food as you feed your birds.

080617 bird food pyramid

You live by the belief that a Happy Parrot has food, water, toys, company, out time and lots of sleep.

Even though many of your parrots come from a dry, hot country of origin, you know they were born in the same state they now live in, and you worry about them being too hot.

Very few parrots come from really cold places, so you worry extra about them in the winter.

You check all the legislature that comes up which might restrict your ability to have your flock legally.

052817 parrot alert

You are fully prepared to break the laws to keep your flock together.

A gentle nibble from a beak that can crack nuts makes you giddy with tenderness and love.

You wish you had a movie camera embedded in your forehead so you could film all the cute stuff your birds do all the time.

You have no opinion in the debate on which parrot is smartest. Because they all amaze you with their behavior.

080617 foraging toy

Some of the worst moments of your life have involved loss of a bird or injury to one.

Some of the happiest moments of your life involve hatchlings, hand feeding, fostering, rescuing, and bonding with parrots.

You own DVDs of Rio 1 & 2, Paulie, Bill and Coo, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, The Real Macaw, A Bird of the Air, and all the NPR documentaries about Parrots. (If you know a movie I forgot, please tell me in the comments)

And most of all, you can’t imagine a house that stays clean, stays quiet all day and has no feathers floating around at floor level. You can’t live without your flock.

080617 full of birds

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.

One thought on “You Know You’re a Parrot Owner When

  1. I dreamed last night that I was taken to the local ASPCA/pound and shown their bird room. I was allegedly looking to adopt a hyacinth macaw. I awoke and fervently hoped that the dream was not prescient (sometimes they are). I don’t think my hearing can take a macaw in the house.

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