Seasons and Changes

This summer, I have a mister on top of the aviaries in an attempt to help the outside birds survive the heat. I have very few nest boxes out and very few eggs expected to hatch. But in a month or so, I will put the lovebirds’ nest box back in so they can get going with making babies again. I will keep giving the Indian Ringnecks palm fronds as well, hoping they might try the egg thing once more. And with any luck, I will know if the 4 button quail (yes, 4 more hatched. Would have been closer to 9 but the ants came in and chased mom off the clutch) are male or female. I need 2 or more girls for Pixel and Quaillen.

I would like one more English budgie male and to set up another cage outside for them. I would like to get the roundish aviary set up and put the doves and at least one group of quail in there. And I need to decide if I want to keep breeding American budgies or find homes for them.

adult budgies

I rehomed Pineapple and Mombird. They have gone to a nice aviary where other cockatiels are hanging out. Their old friend Zippy is there, too. I moved the doves to P & M’s former cage so that I can clean up the main aviary and hopefully have it stay clean.


The four cockatiels in the main aviary will be rehomed as well. That will leave only the button quail in the main section. Now I have to decide if I want to put the English in there, or the zebra finches, or something entirely new. Maybe make it a day care place for the inside birds so they can have sunshine and stuff.

I get to move food around for these birds as they go, and sometimes the water requirements are different. But mostly a splash dish and a few drinking places and all is well.

Inside, the bigger parrots, Bobo and Io the grays and Maynard the Amazon, have clean cages and a bit of fun with boxes to chew up. The canaries got into a clean cage and two of the lovebirds got a bigger cage. Rebel and Fin are in a new cage that is easier to keep clean, but I want to put them in a cage the same size as Tip and Blondie. I’ve been waiting a week for the local bird store to call me and say they have the cage in, now.

lovebirds in jars

And in order to have room for the new bigger cage, I will have to move them over to where Maynard’s cage is and move him next to my computer chair. Won’t that be fun! Other than needing to take everything out of the bird room, clean it out, and put things back a bit at a time, there’s not much change going on in there. The living room is also not changing except for cleaning up as much as possible.

Sunny the sun conure has been using a Bird-Zerk feeder, and we both love it! Her food stays right where I put it, she can push it around with her beak, and it cleans up in a few minutes when she poops under the pearch. I really want one for Nacho and Esme, as currently, they are the number one messy birds in the front room.

082017 acrylic feeder

Mort is still with me, getting more dear to my heart with every day. Last time I had him out, he started to panic as always when it was time to go back to his cage. But he landed on my back, stayed there as I walked to his cage, then went inside with no trouble at all. Pretty smart for a jungle bird.


Sadly, sun conure Mookie passed this week. He seemed to have had a stoke and didn’t use his left side well. He became shakier and weaker, so possibly a tumor was involved, My biggest regret is that I couldn’t get word to his owner. There was no last, happy reunion for them. Andy, please forgive me.

Andy and his conures



I am looking forward to cooler weather when I can shovel out the aviary before it rains. I am going to have a much better chance right now to get things organize and cleaned as I downsize. This is a good season and the next one will continue to be on the upward path.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.

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