Memorial Conservation

What does your lawn and garden have to do with conservation of parrots? The thing they have in common is the need for water. There are lots of ways to save water at home, you have no doubt heard many of them. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, don’t run dishwashers or clothes washers unless they are full, and check regularly for leaky pipes.

However, the single largest use of water in your home is your landscaping. If you have gone with a xeriscape yard, congratulations. You are already ahead of the game. But if you have a lawn, you could be a water waster. Make sure your yard has a good plan for water usage and excellent sprinkler placement.

052718 lawnmower

Remember to set your sprinklers to water early in the day. Watering in the middle of the day is bad for the plants. Watering at night may encourage pests and diseases. Morning watering allows the plants to absorb the water they need before struggling through a long hot day. Also, be sure to have a cutoff for rainy days.

In Southern California, many homeowners choose to let their lawns go brown during droughts. The smart ones choose to replace the lawn with native plants and cactus. The flowers on succulents often rival roses and dahlias. If the ground is properly prepared, such as with decomposed granite, weeds will never be a problem. The normal rainfall is all that is needed.

052718 xeriscape

Of course, in the United States, we are mostly blessed with adequate water supplies. Flint, MI, notwithstanding, or the Appalachian Mountains, or the cities who made the worst water in America list, we have few worries in that area. Even the city where I live, which has an ancient aqueduct, does pretty well. A raccoon died in the water once, but after some days of boiling the water, we went back to normal.

052718 city water

I haven’t yet answered the question about what this has to do with parrot conservation, and it’s a fairly convoluted connection. You see, many parrots that are endangered in the wild have found everything they need in cities and farmlands throughout the US. By keeping reservoirs, lakes, and rivers full, we help these wild populations to thrive. We also attract native birds and animals to our yards, if that’s a good thing to you. Personally, I love hummingbirds and squirrels.

052718 faucett

Another benefit of conservation of water in the US is reducing our water bills and then donating the difference to projects that provide cleaner water to places in the world where it is desperately needed. When the people have more access to water, the animals and birds in their world will also have more water.

052718 rain forest

Thanks for reading. Please take a moment to think about how you can help. I’ll be back next Sunday.

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