The Big Project

If you read this blog, you know I have a bird room. Many people are confused when they walk into the living room and see the cages there, then are invited to see the Bird Room. Often, I am too embarrassed to actually show it off. There has been cages in need of cleaning, seed on the floor, mice being careful not to eat the poison, and general dirt and stink. Yuck.

A year ago, I was determined to clean this all up. Part of the spur to do so came with moving groups of birds outside. Now there was room to move around. There were also many empty cages in need of cleaning. These were set out on the back lawn to await a warm day for cleaning. Not too warm. A handful were cleaned quickly so that I could move birds into them.


061718 no carpet
If only my bird room didn’t have carpeting, it might look like this.


As I moved the old cage out, I cleaned the floor, walls, and ceiling around it, then moved the clean cage in and transferred birds. I moved storage bins out and cleaned shelves. I got more plastic bins to keep the mice out of the things. I piled up the dishes to be cleaned and now and again, cleaned a tubful.

I hate scrubbing bird poop off of walls. So I had tacked up sheets and fabric so that I could pull them down and wash them instead of the walls. Don’t do this at home unless you have a rodent-free environment. Mice love fabric. I lost many items of clothing to the little pestilent beasts before I bought a ton of plastic bins and stored everything in those. So it was no surprise to pull those old sheets off the wall and see the chewed holes and the brown urine trails they leave everywhere. Yuck.


061718 also not my bird room
Another example of what my bird room could be.


I got to this point by moving all the cages out of the room. I realized I couldn’t make much progress by doing a cage at a time. So the big move happened, putting birds in the living room and dining room, then I cleaned. I didn’t get to shampoo the carpet because, honestly, it needs to be burned. I’m trying to talk our landlords into doing that someday soon.

Slowly, I moved things back inside, new, clean cages, clean shelves, clean bins. I washed the bird dishes but, my Kryptonite, I didn’t get it put away. Then summer happened, it became too hot to clean much else, and things became almost as bad as they had been before. My depression came and went, my time got sucked up into other projects, I hand fed a flock of baby birds. Not always successfully, which added to the depression.


061718 not even close
I can’t believe they have carpeting in here.



Through a force of will, I recently cleaned all the cages that I wanted to bring in for replacements. I moved Sunny and Dani into a bigger cage, which feels so wonderful. I stay on top of cleaning up spilled seed before the mice could get too bad and have cleaned many dishes. I still need to focus on putting the dishes away. I need to cull the dishes I don’t use so that maybe I don’t need so many bins.


Dani and Mr Sun
Dani and Mr. Sun in old, dirty cage.


The mice are kept to a low level right now. We are finding holes in the window screens and walls and plugging them up. I have a shelf and bins under it that haven’t been cleaned up yet. Right now a cage is in an awkward place while the baby birds wean and are delivered to the new homes. Once that is done, I hope to finish up this Big Project that has been a year in progress. I started taking pictures of the cleaning last year so with any luck I can finally wrap this up. Sadly, I have no idea where those photos ended up. Sigh.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.

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