The Flight Lady

Given a choice of a house of my own to decorate, I am convinced I would make every bedroom but one into a flight. One for finches, one for conures, one for the special needs birds, and perhaps Maynard might have his own room. Outside, I would build the largest number of aviaries that the lands would support. This imagines that I am strong enough and energetic enough to take care of all these rooms and flights. How perfect it will all be.

031019 finches

The room for the finches will have a window that opens up onto an outside flight, so the birds can go out in the sun or come in when it rains. I will have a way to get them all inside at night, too, so I can close the window and keep them warm. In summer, the room will stay a bit cooler than the outside and the window will be open only a little bit. There will be plants hanging from the ceiling and nests concealed in the plants. The floor will have stepping stones so I can move in it, but otherwise, be covered in some type of absorbent material that I can clean out regularly.

031019 finches more

I like this watering system that looks somewhat natural. But I would plan on some other additional water source for drinking. Like this hanging 10 liter bottle. Also food stations would be hung up so that mice would have trouble getting to it. Lots of plants around the walls, and a bench or comfortable seating that is easy to clean.

031019 water cooler


No telling if the conures can all live together in harmony. My first concern would be Dani, who can’t defend herself as easily since she has only the one leg. She and Sunny may have a segregated corner where they can get the benefits of the larger space. Sunny could go for a few flights then come back to his lady. The green cheeks are very aggressive, so that’s another area of concern, and Tron, the lone sun conure, didn’t do well when we tried to introduce a temporary friend for him. I’m thinking the best way to do the Conure Flight would divide the room up into cubicles with a central area for feeding and watering. Looks like I may need two rooms for that one.

031019 room sections

Figuring out how to get each of the three sections their own access to an outside area is going to also take some engineering skill. Each section will have its own source of food, water, bathing, and plants for foraging. The use of wooden shelves over water bowls to keep the water cleaner will also take some planning.

031019 playtops

The Parrots will each have a play stand and sleeping cage in another room of their own. This is where the most skill will be required. The cages can each have a play top that works as the play stand. Maynard’s would need to prevent him from climbing down and getting into mischief. Io’s needs lots of clues for him to indicate the edge of a surface. And Bobo will need solid surfaces instead of perches. Ramps with some texture, so she can move up and down, will work well.

031019 play room

The cockatiels may go in with the finches, maybe. The Canaries will have their own suite, with a separate flight for offspring. Their lighting will be regulated strictly and there will be no outdoors for them. Too many mosquitoes in my area to risk it.

This is a wonderful dream and a chance for me to play with ideas. I’m going to stop there and next time I will look at outside aviaries that make me squee. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.

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