Flight Lady Outside

Last week I had a great time imagining my perfect bird house, where many of the rooms were turned into bird flights. But of course, for optimal health, birds need to have some time in the sunshine. Window glass and screens filter out the most important UVA and UVB rays, so outside aviaries are super important.

My doves, button quail, and zebra finches will have outside aviaries. The Indian Ringnecks and cockatiels will also have space. The conures may get some flights where they can be out during the day but brought in at night. That should be fun.

031719 finches overgrown

For the finches, a tall building with vines growing around it would be ideal. I will have good, professional pest control that is bird safe. For the most part, I won’t be catching up the finches so they can use the whole area to fly around. A safety door is a must, however.

031719 quail and dove

The doves can cohabitate with the button quail, as the doves will use most of the upper areas of the flight and the quail will use the ground. In fact, I would need one enclosure per pair of quails. They tend to fight otherwise. Sometimes the doves get aggressive with their offspring, trying to drive them off so I can put the babies in a new flight once they are feeding on their own.

031719 large aviary

The Ringnecks will get a huge aviary to themselves, or if Orianna never accepts Charlie as a mate, she may go to another home to select a mate she likes, and Charlie will become a sweet inside bird. He was such a hit at an event I went to recently, drumming up new members for my bird club. I know he wants to come back inside if the lady never accepts him.

031719 tron cage

For the conures, the green cheeks and the orange fronts would have their own space inside a larger structure. As for Tron, the sun conure, he will need a small aviary on wheels so I can wheel him out and in without having to open the door while outside. In fact, with a few changes, that might become his regular cage. Poor little guy has gotten needier of human contact lately, but the only way he knows to get it is to jump to the ground from his cage. That gets the dog Astrid all excited and she tries to play with him. If he would just bite her nice and hard, she might leave him alone, but I fear she would do him some damage before learning her lesson.

Small size post grooming (2022x1516)

Of course, I will plant the aviaries with as many bird-safe plants as I can find and not worry about the destruction of those plants. I will be prepared to replace them as needed. Of course, this idea of an aviary in a tree makes me question how the birds are put in, taken out if needed, fed and given water.

031719 tree aviary

aviary’ parc de saint cloud, France (1997)–

I hope the overall layout will look like a beautiful botanical garden. Which begs the question, who is going to keep the gardens beautiful and trim? And what other birds will I decide I need to fill in the nooks and crannies? Well, that’s a blog for another day. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.

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