Birds and the Apocalypse

Could be all of us have friends who are survivalists, who expect civilization to cease to exist suddenly and thus have learned how to find water, build shelters with limited tools, hunt small game, and glean roots, berries, nuts, and wild grains. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyway, with things as they are in the world at large, these folks might not be as far off base as all that. My dog would have to learn to hunt for her dinner and go without regular grooming. Unless I can keep a pair of scissors sharp.

100619 hunting dog

In case of extreme world-as-we-know-it endings, what happens to all the birds? Do I tie strings to their feet and let them soar overhead? Honestly, there’s no way I could manage to care for them all. My beloved finches would be set free. The doves would be kept in small cages that are portable until such time as we needed them for food. I’ll be happy I fed them so well.

100619 bridge

The button quail would be set free except for two pair. We would eat their eggs and if we found a place in which to shelter, we would raise more. The canaries are a hard call. Keep them for the beautiful songs or let them go? I’m glad this is only a mental exercise. This is the same for the cockatiels, the lovebirds, the conures.

100619 vehicle in dust

Speaking of conures, Dani, my spay-legged and one-legged girl, lays eggs, so maybe I can justify keeping her and Sunny with me. My young Princess of Wales hen may also start laying eggs. I just got another Red Rump parrot, Priscilla, who hasn’t laid any eggs that I know of. But there’s always hope.

Maynard, Jessie, Bo Dangles, Blind Io, Charlie, and Tron can only earn their keep by being entertaining. I may have to work with them to do tricks and to be more friendly to others. They would each need to be comfortable in a much smaller cage than they have now.

100619 trees laid waste

Let’s say that before things get totally screwed, we load the birds and whatever we need in our van. Maybe we can haul a water tank behind it. Fresh water is going to be the most difficult resource to come by. We’ll head north-east until we find a suitable place to camp. Listening to the radio to get updates, we may stay where we are for a while. Out come the birdcages and I start making parrot stands out of fallen branches we find in the area. All the birds will have their wings clipped and will be tethered to their stand. Cups for water will be placed on the stand (working on how that would happen) and they would get fresh greens and fruit from around us. Seeds might be found, depending on the time of year.

100619 river

While I am doing this, Mike is setting up our mattress in the van and preparing a simple meal of cornmeal biscuits and quail eggs. Later I boil a few of the eggs and feed those to the birds. As it gets dark, everyone gets back in a cage, but no longer in the van. We snuggle in for the night and hope for a better day in the morning.

100619 empty farm

This is much like many scenarios I play with that sometimes can be worked into a novel. But for now, I am happy to let the idea roll away and not have to find a water tank at this time. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.

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