Lovie Dovie

Doves go way back in history as signs of love and peace. Which is strange if you have ever spent much time around them. They are merely pigeons in prettier wrappers. They can be mean, aggressive, stupid, and so far from peace and love as to make a mockery of all that symbolism. Continue reading “Lovie Dovie”


Their Masters’ Voices

People who are young enough and have time to spare are blessed to take in a parrot fresh out of the egg or nest box, or whatever. A new parrot, young and impressionable, ready to give you love and learn to please you. Because that’s what the parrot most wants to do, please the main flock member in their life. Continue reading “Their Masters’ Voices”

The Big Project

If you read this blog, you know I have a bird room. Many people are confused when they walk into the living room and see the cages there, then are invited to see the Bird Room. Often, I am too embarrassed to actually show it off. There has been cages in need of cleaning, seed on the floor, mice being careful not to eat the poison, and general dirt and stink. Yuck. Continue reading “The Big Project”

Chickens and Ducks

Annually, I like to remind people that animals are not disposable. I like to do this after Easter and Spring because chicks and ducks and rabbits are often given as gifts to young children in urban settings. If you are planning to keep chickens or ducks or rabbits after the holiday, then you don’t need this reminder. Carry on. I’m sure the livestock needs food and water. Continue reading “Chickens and Ducks”

CYA (Cover Your Amazon)

People are always asking if we cover the birds at night. They look around at all the cages in the living room alone and shake their heads. And don’t even start on the outside cages.

The truth is, covering birds is a bit risky. If one of them gets a toe snagged in a loose thread on the cover, they could bash themselves to death in panic. It’s not something nice to contemplate or to discover in the morning. Continue reading “CYA (Cover Your Amazon)”

Feeding Birds Fresh Foods

I have long lamented that I don’t have time to give my flock fresh fruits and vegetables more than once every two weeks or so. A seed diet isn’t the best, but time was not on my side. The outside birds benefit from the foraging I do in the yard, getting grass, dandelions, and fruit from the trees. I had firmly fixed in my mind that I couldn’t really feed the inside birds fruits and veggies unless I included a grain like quinoa or barley, or a soak and cook mix just for birds. Continue reading “Feeding Birds Fresh Foods”

Adoption Services

You know, if you have been reading this blog for a while, that I do not need anything else to do with my time. Writing, tending my flock, walking the dog, and making a dent in the dirty house I live in consume pretty much my allotted 24/7. Yet I can still find time to hook up someone looking for a companion bird or help someone rehome a bird for any reason. Continue reading “Adoption Services”

Citizen Scientists Impact Conservation

Some year I am going to think about Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count soon enough to join in. I know exactly where I will go, too. There’s a lake near me where birds are present in vast numbers this time of year. Counting them will be a challenge. This year is the 117th year for Audubon so I will jump in on the 118th next year. Continue reading “Citizen Scientists Impact Conservation”