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A Turaco in the House

A turaco is a bird from Western Africa. If you search Pinterest for Guinea, you will probably see some of the many species of this beautiful creature. Turaco feathers are special because they do something different than other bird feathers. They use an actual green pigment rather than combining a yellow pigment with a blue prismatic shape of the feather. You can get the details here. Continue reading

Sunny Returns

About 10 years ago, I had mostly finches, cockatiels, and parakeets in my flock. I wanted an African Grey or maybe a macaw but knew I didn’t have the funds to care for one at that time. I hung out at Yahoo groups for bird interests, learning all I could about various larger birds. That is probably where I picked up my attitude that even a little bird needs lots of cage space. Continue reading

Why I Like Birds

I recently adopted a sweet, funny green cheek conure whose owner wanted him to have a chance to be around other conures. He was getting too attached to her other bird, and that attachment caused problems. I took Nacho in with the understanding she can come visit him at any time and he will be her bird if she ever decides to take him back. That’s always been my understanding with my adopted birds. I am mostly fostering them. Continue reading