June Potpourri

I have a collection of little things that have happened that amuse me but not enough to write an entire blog about, so here they are in no particular order. Happy June! Continue reading “June Potpourri”


Birds That Dangle

I think my birds know when I need cheering up. They certainly know when I haven’t been home much lately. The parrots make their displeasure known by loudly stating how lonely they have been. Bo Dangles tilts her head and says, “Derp” in case I was unclear as to her opinion. Continue reading “Birds That Dangle”

Parrots Just Want to Have Fun

You know your bird, especially if you have only one or two that interact with you. Like a beloved child, you know the bird’s favorite foods, most interesting toys, and need for interaction with you. But if you are a first-time bird prospective owner, you can get a head start by knowing exactly what your bird is going to want from you. Continue reading “Parrots Just Want to Have Fun”

2017 Year End Conservation Outlook

You probably read this blog because you have an emotional attachment to birds, maybe particularly to parrots of one species or another. That’s one of the first steps toward engaging people in conservation efforts. When you care about the last Spix macaw in the wild, you’ll look into helping in any way you can. Likewise, you will be sensitive to legislation enacted for or against conservation. Continue reading “2017 Year End Conservation Outlook”

Celebrate Conservation Victories

Good news is hard to come by in the world of parrot conservation. I believe we need to keep our spirits high and our thoughts positive so we may help more birds around the world. While some people can be urged to take action when notified of the dire situations many parrots are in, others do better with positive results that show change is possible. Continue reading “Celebrate Conservation Victories”