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Celebrate Conservation Victories

Good news is hard to come by in the world of parrot conservation. I believe we need to keep our spirits high and our thoughts positive so we may help more birds around the world. While some people can be urged to take action when notified of the dire situations many parrots are in, others do better with positive results that show change is possible. Continue reading

Independent Kids

I think of my inside parrots as my kids in a lot of ways. I have to feed them, or at least provide food. I have to clean them, play with them, teach them, and make sure they are comfortable through the night. Maybe I am a bit too intrusive into their lives, like a helicopter parent. They certainly have their way to show me they are independent souls. Continue reading

Parrot Lost in His Cage

Last time I talked about how we adopted Bo Dangles and Blind Io into our flock. Io doesn’t say words that we can decipher, but he makes the best dripping water and ray gun noises I have ever heard. He also can sound like two overweight pugs whimpering and panting. The longer he has been with us, the less he lets the pugs out. Continue reading