Sunny Returns

About 10 years ago, I had mostly finches, cockatiels, and parakeets in my flock. I wanted an African Grey or maybe a macaw but knew I didn’t have the funds to care for one at that time. I hung out at Yahoo groups for bird interests, learning all I could about various larger birds. That is probably where I picked up my attitude that even a little bird needs lots of cage space. Continue reading “Sunny Returns”


Love On The Wing

I just finished attending 4 days at the Romance Writers of America National Convention in San Diego so my mind is a little focused on things of that nature. During one wait for a workshop to start, I began jotting down titles of books about avian romances. Continue reading “Love On The Wing”

The Daily Adventures of Maynard

Being retired is a good thing, but not as relaxing or even boring for me as one might think. I have a good size flock of birds to monitor, the occasional tragedy to get over, and writing to complete. I also have to keep improving my health. This means exercise and measuring what I eat. So I guess it’s not unusual for me to think how nice life could be if I were an Amazon parrot. A really spoiled, much loved parrot. Here’s his daily schedule. Continue reading “The Daily Adventures of Maynard”

Pretty Parrot Princess

There’s not a lot of information on African gray parrots in the wild. Apparently there, the birds are seen as a quick way to get money or a resource to be protected. So I don’t have a clear idea of how they make up their nests. They are cavity nesters, but unlike budgies they don’t remove all the debris at the bottom of the nest. Do they add to it? Lovebirds are also African parrots, and the peach face lovie has been observed cutting materials into strips and tucking the strips into their feathers for transport back to the nest. Continue reading “Pretty Parrot Princess”