Afraid of the Beak

Non-bird people and the occasional small bird person have said they would love to have a large, colorful parrot but the size of the beak on those guys is too scary. I guess I am unusual in that I look past that and first look into the eyes of the bird. Big parrots will “pin” their eyes, in other words, make their pupils into little pin holes, when they are interested in something. They also do this when they are afraid or mad and may bite. The eyes are the key to the bird’s behavior. Continue reading “Afraid of the Beak”

The Hospital Cage

When you care for birds, you need to be prepared for the worst that could happen. A first aid kit is certainly a requirement. You can easily put one together for your flock by Googling that. You’ll find the basic to the thorough.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a veterinarian or an animal medical worker. Sick birds are usually very ill by the time they show any symptoms. Consult your qualified avian vet before trying any home solutions. Only resort to home care if a vet cannot be reached quickly.

Continue reading “The Hospital Cage”

Changes in Their Cages

I love the music of Simon & Garfunkel, especially the song At The Zoo. There’s a line about an animal being skeptical of changes in their cages. I think the songwriter missed a bet, that should have been about a parrot. Have you ever tried to introduce a new toy without taking several cautious steps to let the bird get used to it first? Pandemonium breaks out for days. Continue reading “Changes in Their Cages”