The Odd Couple

I firmly believe there is no racism in my flock. I have same sex couples, couples of different species, and birds of a wide variety of colors all in the same aviary. Animals are much less likely to judge other animals and people by color, the exception being that those who are territorial will attack any sort of threat, real or perceived. And birds of prey are not welcome. Continue reading “The Odd Couple”

Easter Eggs

Spring is a new beginning in times past, although right now it’s the same old thing, day after day. But centuries ago, people made a connection between the rebirth of the world, the trees, the flowers, the young animals, and the egg. Birds are the creatures most commonly associated with eggs, although one mammal and many lizards, fish, insects, and so on, use eggs to birth their young. Eggs convey a specific purpose of survival during development and emergence ready to take on the world. Well, precocious chicks are ready. Altricial chicks need a few more weeks of parental care before they take on the world. Continue reading “Easter Eggs”

Fall in Love with Society Finches

There aren’t many finches in the world that I don’t love, but some have proved to be particularly hard for me to raise. That’s why I love my zebra finches. Give them a box and they will go for it. The box can be in the busiest corner in the house and it won’t bother the zeebs. Legend has it that the first carrier of zebras shipped to the states contained nests made of whatever they could find and eggs laid in transit.

Continue reading “Fall in Love with Society Finches”

The Story of Fin and Rebel, Lovebirds

Many horrible things have happened to birds in my care. I am sick at heart when I think of these things. One of the worst was when a lovebird touched an exposed plug and died of electrocution. That was Tekla, a sweet peach face girl who was a present to me and a mate for my disabled lovebird Fin. I had grown to love her in the few months I had her. I talked about it on Facebook, and a friend offered me her violet lovebird. Continue reading “The Story of Fin and Rebel, Lovebirds”

Io and Jessie Carry On

The big romance in my flock is keeping me amused. While there’s no chance African Grays Blind Io and Jessie will get the chance to actually mate and raise chicks, I find it interesting to watch the course of their little almost romance. CAG Bo Dangles is less than thrilled about the whole thing and has refused to leave her cage for months, now. Continue reading “Io and Jessie Carry On”

Fall in Love with Cockatiels

Many people have a pet cockatiel as their first bird. After finches, I was gifted with a male cockatiel whom I named Palafox. Even though he hated hands and would not step up, he would step from his cage to my shoulder and sit there preening my hair. He sang sweet chirpy songs and became spoiled rotten. No wonder these Australian small parrots are so popular here. Continue reading “Fall in Love with Cockatiels”

Groomers and Sexing

Bird people have needs. They need to have their parrots’ wings clipped for safety and the birds’ nails trimmed for health. And if they plan to breed their birds, they need to know if they have males or females. The best success in breeding comes from having one of each sex. And they have to like each other. Some birds do mate for life, so they can be a bit picky. Continue reading “Groomers and Sexing”