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Nursery Update

My daily life for the past three months and for the next month or so has been scheduled around a feeding schedule for baby birds. Three budgies, a turaco, button quail, six budgies, a surprise cockatiel, and five budgies. The most recent addition is a zebra finch. Life is rather crazy at the best of times. I am currently giving notice to friends and family that I could be cranky without cause. Continue reading

Button Quail Happen

Last week I was happily going about my business, cleaning bird cages, doing house chores, feeding birds, when I happened to look in my smallest button quail cage. This is a regular bird cage with a solid floor on the bottom grill. It’s a moment of desperation cage, as buttons can’t be housed together if you have more than one male. Continue reading

Don’t Even Count the Chicks After Hatching

One reason that canary breeders pull eggs as they are laid and later set them all back in the nest at the same time is so the chicks will hatch all at the same time, and get equal treatment from the parents. It’s a sad reality in breeding that out of six eggs laid a day apart, the oldest chick will be a week old before the youngest hatches. And the chances of survival under the crush of older siblings is very slight. Continue reading