Conservationists are People

Who do you think of when you think Conservationist? Maybe someone famous like Jacques Cousteau or someone unheard of like the many parrot caretakers around the world. No matter who comes to mind, they are all people and have real things happen in their lives. Continue reading “Conservationists are People”


Parrots in Danger

While Parrot Fun Zone is aimed at kids who love parrots, the explanation of endangered species is clear and covers most of the issues. Establishing a sense of the urgency in saving species of parrots in young people is a key part of helping the birds in the long run. Most of the conservationists and parrot breeders I have met started as kids with their passions. Continue reading “Parrots in Danger”

Hold the Phone! Stop the Presses! Somebody Bring Darwin Back to Life!

Lorikeets are beautiful parrots from certain islands in the near vicinity of Australia. They have evolved special tongues for slurping up nectar from flowers. They come in a bunch of colors and flock in huge groups mostly. And they DO NOT EAT MEAT!

Or, do they? Photos are showing up from backyard feeding stations in Brisbane showing Lorys eating MEAT put out for kookaburras and other carnivorous birds. How do they manage when they are evolutionally designed for liquid sugar only? Continue reading “Hold the Phone! Stop the Presses! Somebody Bring Darwin Back to Life!”