You Know You’re a Parrot Owner When

Play stands are perfect surfaces for placing keys, sunglasses, hats, and purse.

You buy new play stand so you don’t have to clean off the old one.

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You collect any representation of your parrot type, no matter how ugly or badly done. Continue reading “You Know You’re a Parrot Owner When”


Bird People

My walking partner commented the other day that I will smile and say hello to people I have never seen before and might never see again. It’s true. If I make eye-contact with someone, I want to smile and greet them. I guess I would be a social bird and part of a flock if I was an avian life-form. Continue reading “Bird People”

Don’t Even Count the Chicks After Hatching

One reason that canary breeders pull eggs as they are laid and later set them all back in the nest at the same time is so the chicks will hatch all at the same time, and get equal treatment from the parents. It’s a sad reality in breeding that out of six eggs laid a day apart, the oldest chick will be a week old before the youngest hatches. And the chances of survival under the crush of older siblings is very slight. Continue reading “Don’t Even Count the Chicks After Hatching”