Birds That Dangle

I think my birds know when I need cheering up. They certainly know when I haven’t been home much lately. The parrots make their displeasure known by loudly stating how lonely they have been. Bo Dangles tilts her head and says, “Derp” in case I was unclear as to her opinion. Continue reading “Birds That Dangle”


Button Quail Update

Chinese Painted Quail, also known as Button Quail, are tiny and adorable and just as useful as they are cute. They will clean up a portion of the seed thrown to the bottom of an aviary. They will eat bugs, including ants and spiders. I have seen them attack and kill mice, too. So I like having them around. But lately, my luck has been on the off side. Continue reading “Button Quail Update”

Thankful for My Flock

This is the last blog before Thanksgiving and I want to share with you how thankful I am for the birds with whom I share my days. Over the years as I became more involved in aviculture and my flock grew, I experienced amazing fun things, like a group of a dozen lovebirds flying over my head, some brave enough to land on me, in my living room. These birds also liked to ride on the ceiling fan. We never have it on when any of the birds are out, but these little clowns would land on the blades and flap their wings until it started to move, slowly. Continue reading “Thankful for My Flock”

Bird Mart Madness

When it comes to birds, cages, toys, food, supplements, treats, more toys, foraging ideas, more food, books on birds, and more toys, I am a shopaholic. So, of course, the best course of action for me it to run The San Diego County Bird Mart and Finch Show for a couple of clubs in the area. This is like hiring an alcoholic to be a bartender. Like hiring a diabetic to give out free cookies. Or like asking a kid to not poke fingers in the chocolate cake icing. Not the best plan ever. Continue reading “Bird Mart Madness”