Why Do You Have Parrots? Part 2

As I go about my morning, I stop at each cage and say hello to the parrots. Only Maynard might answer with a “Good Morning” but lately he’s been upset with me. I won’t take him out to play in the rain. I scratch Jessie’s head as she gives me a raspberry and kiss Tron’s cage because he hates hands. I reach into Bo Dangle’s cage to scratch her head and tell her how pretty she is. Finally, Blind Io gets a nose touch if he is by the sides of the cage. Continue reading “Why Do You Have Parrots? Part 2”

Fall in Love with Rosy Bourkes

If you like the sound of a waterfall, especially a small one trickling over stones, you already have a predisposition toward Bourke Parakeets. One of Australia’s many grass parakeets, these sweet little birds are not usually aggressive and are mostly active at sunup and sundown. They are named after a controversial Irish politician, General Sir Richard Bourke. While the governor of New South Wales, he allowed a new settlement on the Yarra River, which he named Melbourne for the incumbent British Prime Minister of the time. Continue reading “Fall in Love with Rosy Bourkes”

Fall in Love with African Grays

Congo African Gray Parrots want to be loved. If you have one in your life, you will find out how easy it is to love them back. I have three now and was talking about them in a bird store to a woman who had a sweet boy CAG on her shoulder. He’s a talker, she said, and a lover. I could see by how close he was to her, cheek to cheek basically, while the scary lady came and talked to her. They are just adorable. Continue reading “Fall in Love with African Grays”

Io and Jessie Carry On

The big romance in my flock is keeping me amused. While there’s no chance African Grays Blind Io and Jessie will get the chance to actually mate and raise chicks, I find it interesting to watch the course of their little almost romance. CAG Bo Dangles is less than thrilled about the whole thing and has refused to leave her cage for months, now. Continue reading “Io and Jessie Carry On”

Fall in Love with Zebra Finches

Welcome to the first of my monthly bird species-focused blogs. I decided to start with finches and work my way up. I hope you will have a good time reading this and maybe share your own zebra finch stories in the comments. They are considered starter birds for enthusiasts, so I’d imagine a bunch of us have had them. Continue reading “Fall in Love with Zebra Finches”

A Day in the Life of Maynard

Most weekday mornings, our house wakes up at 5:30 am. When I walk into Maynard’s area in the office, he usually growls at me. As I move on, turning on other lights and saying good morning to Jessie, Tron, Bo, and Io, he settles down. He might even say, “Good morning!” to me when I go out. I rattle around in the kitchen and pour coffee for myself and Mike. Then I make my breakfast. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of Maynard”

The Difference Between Parrots and Dogs

Sure, you know that dogs are mammals and parrots are birds. Dogs have puppies live and parrots lay eggs. Parrots often mate for life while dogs will hump any leg that wanders by. But really, there are other differences and depending on how important those are to you, you might be better off not getting a bird.

011319 rescue parrot

Continue reading “The Difference Between Parrots and Dogs”

Good Morning, Birds

My house is bursting with birds right now. I had expected to board some of them for a couple weeks, but sadly things have gotten complicated and they have been here over a month. It’s all on account of the real estate markets in the areas where my friend is looking. And I think it’s especially good that the birds are with me and not somewhere running up a huge bill for her. Continue reading “Good Morning, Birds”