Guam, a Lesson in Conservation Errors

Recently a friend who came to speak at my bird club mentioned that all the birds on the island of Guam were now extinct there. I had no idea. I am stunned and worried and basically wishing I could have done something to stop this from happening. Of course, I could not. It’s just something that happened. Continue reading “Guam, a Lesson in Conservation Errors”


Parrots in Danger

While Parrot Fun Zone is aimed at kids who love parrots, the explanation of endangered species is clear and covers most of the issues. Establishing a sense of the urgency in saving species of parrots in young people is a key part of helping the birds in the long run. Most of the conservationists and parrot breeders I have met started as kids with their passions. Continue reading “Parrots in Danger”

The Slope to Extinction

There’s a concept in futuristic and speculative fiction that we can take DNA samples of all the living animals on our planet, freeze them or otherwise preserve them, and at the time we find a new planet that is a veritable Garden of Eden, revive and release the Earth inhabitants to the new world. I can think of at least two movies and one book where this concept is key to the story. Continue reading “The Slope to Extinction”

Silent Zoo

The movie Silent Running made a huge impression on me when it came out. As a loner, I liked the idea of being alone on a space ship and tending to the plants and animals that were being rescued from our dying planet. But in reality, that ship or those ships would be so costly to put out in space. The better plan is to send ova and sperm, frozen and protected from radiation. If you read Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, you get the idea. Continue reading “Silent Zoo”

World Picture

Today in my corner of the world, we have rain. Last week at this time we had 90+ degrees f. I wore as little as I could get away with and had every fan in the house pointed at me. After a very hot summer, we are hearing rumors of an El Nino condition. And we have had those before, but somehow intelligent people are a little more concerned these days about the odd weather patterns. Continue reading “World Picture”