Turaco Addiction

All people are different, all birds are different, and people need to know they can’t treat all birds the same way. The sun conure I have now is way different than the ones I had before. The canaries I have now are more playful than any I have had before. And turaco number 4 is a whole new ball game. Continue reading “Turaco Addiction”


Lovie Dovie

Doves go way back in history as signs of love and peace. Which is strange if you have ever spent much time around them. They are merely pigeons in prettier wrappers. They can be mean, aggressive, stupid, and so far from peace and love as to make a mockery of all that symbolism. Continue reading “Lovie Dovie”

Just Fooling

You would think by now, after a couple decades of having birds around, that I would have learned to not get excited about eggs. Wait until they hatch, I am sure some wise person has said over and over. I’m pretty good with button quail eggs because, with four hens and three cocks, I haven’t had chicks hatch in the last year. And Pixel, my oldest boy, has been showing signs of aging. Like not being able to get both legs under him and going in the same direction. It’s spooky to see him rolling around on his back, but I’m getting used to it. Continue reading “Just Fooling”

Citizen Scientists Impact Conservation

Some year I am going to think about Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count soon enough to join in. I know exactly where I will go, too. There’s a lake near me where birds are present in vast numbers this time of year. Counting them will be a challenge. This year is the 117th year for Audubon so I will jump in on the 118th next year. Continue reading “Citizen Scientists Impact Conservation”

2017 Year End Conservation Outlook

You probably read this blog because you have an emotional attachment to birds, maybe particularly to parrots of one species or another. That’s one of the first steps toward engaging people in conservation efforts. When you care about the last Spix macaw in the wild, you’ll look into helping in any way you can. Likewise, you will be sensitive to legislation enacted for or against conservation. Continue reading “2017 Year End Conservation Outlook”

Bird Mart Madness

When it comes to birds, cages, toys, food, supplements, treats, more toys, foraging ideas, more food, books on birds, and more toys, I am a shopaholic. So, of course, the best course of action for me it to run The San Diego County Bird Mart and Finch Show for a couple of clubs in the area. This is like hiring an alcoholic to be a bartender. Like hiring a diabetic to give out free cookies. Or like asking a kid to not poke fingers in the chocolate cake icing. Not the best plan ever. Continue reading “Bird Mart Madness”