Birds That Dangle

I think my birds know when I need cheering up. They certainly know when I haven’t been home much lately. The parrots make their displeasure known by loudly stating how lonely they have been. Bo Dangles tilts her head and says, “Derp” in case I was unclear as to her opinion. Continue reading “Birds That Dangle”


Bless You, Amazon!

My husband and I order many things from Amazon, from DVDs to clothes to bird stuff to things I won’t talk about on this blog. As a result, we end up with a pile of empty, clean, used once cardboard boxes. Of many and varied sizes. And sometimes wonderful brown paper used as a packing material. Continue reading “Bless You, Amazon!”

Seasons and Changes

This summer, I have a mister on top of the aviaries in an attempt to help the outside birds survive the heat. I have very few nest boxes out and very few eggs expected to hatch. But in a month or so, I will put the lovebirds’ nest box back in so they can get going with making babies again. I will keep giving the Indian Ringnecks palm fronds as well, hoping they might try the egg thing once more. And with any luck, I will know if the 4 button quail (yes, 4 more hatched. Would have been closer to 9 but the ants came in and chased mom off the clutch) are male or female. I need 2 or more girls for Pixel and Quaillen. Continue reading “Seasons and Changes”

A Turaco in the House

A turaco is a bird from Western Africa. If you search Pinterest for Guinea, you will probably see some of the many species of this beautiful creature. Turaco feathers are special because they do something different than other bird feathers. They use an actual green pigment rather than combining a yellow pigment with a blue prismatic shape of the feather. You can get the details here. Continue reading “A Turaco in the House”

Spreading the Love of Aviculture

My bird club, North County Aviculturists, has been around for going on thirty years. Many of the members currently are older, retired, and facing the realization that they need to rehome or find a way to care for their birds in the event of their death. We’re not attracting many young members. The same core of people volunteers and take on all the offices and positions over and over again.


North County Aviculturists teaches about all types of birds.


Continue reading “Spreading the Love of Aviculture”