Can’t Say No to Turacos

My first attempt at hand-feeding a red-crested turaco chick turned out fairly well. Sadly, of the two chicks I was given, one didn’t make it overnight. But the remaining one grew and thrived and is now happily matched to a female in hopes he might be a daddy soon. I loved his personality and curiosity, but living inside is bad for a turaco. Much as I hated to part with “Mort”, I loved knowing how happy he would be.

070217 beautiful eye (440x640)
Mort the adult turaco

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A Fool for Lovebirds

My flock had a great holiday. Everyone got millet, even the big parrots. Maynard was less than thrilled but the greys loved it. And every cage got one new toy or swing or something. Sun conures Zazu and Sunny got a long boing that hangs from the top of their tall cage, with a round boing attached at the bottom. They have been attacking it and playing on it non-stop. Continue reading “A Fool for Lovebirds”