Who Can You Trust?

The last Sunday of each month, I like to blog about the state of avian conservation on Planet Earth. I’ve always respected the World Parrot Trust because of all the species they protect and defend. However, I stumbled upon a respected Aviculturist from Florida who vehemently rejects WPT as an honorable organization. Continue reading “Who Can You Trust?”


The Dog and Parrot Show

My rescued terrier, Tilda, came from a place where food was never a certainty and portions depended on how much you could defend. She’s very resource protective and always looking for more food. No matter how much we feed her, she constantly hoovers the carpet and floor for more. Continue reading “The Dog and Parrot Show”

The Slope to Extinction

There’s a concept in futuristic and speculative fiction that we can take DNA samples of all the living animals on our planet, freeze them or otherwise preserve them, and at the time we find a new planet that is a veritable Garden of Eden, revive and release the Earth inhabitants to the new world. I can think of at least two movies and one book where this concept is key to the story. Continue reading “The Slope to Extinction”

Special Needs Birds and Their Care

If you open your home to birds, especially parrots, who have some condition that makes them less desirable as a pet, you come to understand the drive of the life force, the ability to survive that makes Special Needs creatures so endearing. These birds become easy to write about because of the positive energy they embody. Continue reading “Special Needs Birds and Their Care”

New Zealand’s Parrots

A friend of mine is moving to New Zealand soon because her husband landed a prime job there. I told her I would be sending her a list of birds I wanted. Of course, it’s not legal to export birds out of the lands down under; they have enough issues with introduced predators and disappearing habitat without the pet trade making things worse. Continue reading “New Zealand’s Parrots”

The World For Parrots

Fewer parrots every day are able to live in their original homelands. The declining numbers make most of us aviculturists heartsick. Yet aviculture is one of the saving graces for birds of many species. And on top of that, we have exciting news like the recent sighting in Brazil. Possibly for the first time in decades, a Spix’s Macaw was seen flying through the trees. http://www.birdlife.org/americas/news/spix%E2%80%99s-macaw-reappears-brazil The species has not been confirmed, but it’s a big, blue parrot. Continue reading “The World For Parrots”

The Hospital Cage

When you care for birds, you need to be prepared for the worst that could happen. A first aid kit is certainly a requirement. You can easily put one together for your flock by Googling that. You’ll find the basic http://www.beaknwings.org/ed/firstaid.pdf to the thorough. http://www.exoticpetvet.net/avian/firstaid.html

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a veterinarian or an animal medical worker. Sick birds are usually very ill by the time they show any symptoms. Consult your qualified avian vet before trying any home solutions. Only resort to home care if a vet cannot be reached quickly.

Continue reading “The Hospital Cage”