The Difference Between Parrots and Dogs

Sure, you know that dogs are mammals and parrots are birds. Dogs have puppies live and parrots lay eggs. Parrots often mate for life while dogs will hump any leg that wanders by. But really, there are other differences and depending on how important those are to you, you might be better off not getting a bird.

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Not My Parrots, Not My Aviary, I Just Work Here

One of the joys of my life is taking care of other people’s birds. I was able to help out friends when one of them had an organ transplant and their lorikeet couldn’t be around him for a few months. I helped a breeder feed her baby birds while she took a trip to Hawaii, then a trip to a family reunion. And I have fostered a conure until her owner could take her back home. All of these experiences have been fun, educations, and a touch bittersweet when the birds went back to the owner. Continue reading “Not My Parrots, Not My Aviary, I Just Work Here”

Memorial Conservation

What does your lawn and garden have to do with conservation of parrots? The thing they have in common is the need for water. There are lots of ways to save water at home, you have no doubt heard many of them. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, don’t run dishwashers or clothes washers unless they are full, and check regularly for leaky pipes. Continue reading “Memorial Conservation”

The Slope to Extinction

There’s a concept in futuristic and speculative fiction that we can take DNA samples of all the living animals on our planet, freeze them or otherwise preserve them, and at the time we find a new planet that is a veritable Garden of Eden, revive and release the Earth inhabitants to the new world. I can think of at least two movies and one book where this concept is key to the story. Continue reading “The Slope to Extinction”

Special Needs Birds and Their Care

If you open your home to birds, especially parrots, who have some condition that makes them less desirable as a pet, you come to understand the drive of the life force, the ability to survive that makes Special Needs creatures so endearing. These birds become easy to write about because of the positive energy they embody. Continue reading “Special Needs Birds and Their Care”