Mice Eradication, Round 2

Poison is often the only thing that works on pests. I use Avian Insect Liquidator with excellent results against ants. I use a potent gel bait, Advion, against roaches. And I use d-CON bait stations for mice. We have little trouble with ants these days, the roaches are at a minimum, but the mice come and go around my ability to keep up with the bait stations.

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I Hate Mice

I killed a mouse, and I like it. No, I am not just talking about with a trap or bait, although I have some pretty good numbers in those categories. I actually took a rusty knife and stabbed a mouse in my aviary. They are pretty small, and he bled out in a couple minutes. Then I had to call my husband to figure out how to get the corpse out of the gap between the aviary wire and the corrugated metal wall that makes up the roof and two sides of the structure. His solution: he pulled the mouse through the wire. That had never occurred to me. Continue reading “I Hate Mice”