Spend Time in Nature

Forest Bathing is a thing. When my family took any kind of vacations, we would pack up the army surplus tent Mom bought and drive the short way to the Sunshine Highway, to the mountain campsites there. I have no memory of what we brought along for food, but I do remember seeing deer, hearing coyotes, and scaring rabbits in the meadows. Birds were everywhere and the jays were my favorites. The experience was relaxing and a treasured memory. Continue reading “Spend Time in Nature”

Conserve Habitats

Let us grant the benefit of the doubt to those people who believe things totally different than what we believe. We assume, therefore, the people cutting down the rain forests don’t see another way to make a living or build a road. The villagers who cut down palm trees for religious observances are devoted and believe this is the right thing to do. And the businesses that drain wetlands and put pipelines through delicate prairies are just doing their job.

073017 quail

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