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Nursery Update

My daily life for the past three months and for the next month or so has been scheduled around a feeding schedule for baby birds. Three budgies, a turaco, button quail, six budgies, a surprise cockatiel, and five budgies. The most recent addition is a zebra finch. Life is rather crazy at the best of times. I am currently giving notice to friends and family that I could be cranky without cause. Continue reading

Spring Baby Boom

Southern California is wonderful for keeping birds because Spring arrives a bit earlier than elsewhere in the country. My birds know it’s a good time to start raising babies. I love the fact that I am providing lots of sweet companion birds for people who love small parrots. Continue reading

Nursery News

Watch this space for a new adventure in hand feeding tiny parrots. That’s right, parakeets, or budgies, are actually small parrots, as are lovebird and cockatiels. I’ve never attempted to hand feed a budgie before because if you work with them enough, you can easily tame them. They are awesome birds for first-time owners. Continue reading

Babies in the Nursery Again

Apparently, I do not understand the meaning of the words to downsize. According to dictionary.com it means:

verb (used with object), downsized, downsizing.

1. to design or manufacture a smaller version or type of:

The automotive industry downsized its cars for improved fuel economy.

2. to reduce in number; cut back. Continue reading

Avian Fathers

Most of us have grown up with the notion that bird moms will sit tight on the nest, feed the chicks when they hatch, and often attempt to draw predators away from the babies. This concept made Horton the Elephant’s story (Horton Hatches an Egg) so interesting, that a bird mom would give up her nest and let someone else sit on it.061916 horton

Continue reading