Daily Routines Without Boarders

I want to state clearly that I loved having my friend’s birds stay with me. I hope I have conveyed that in past blogs on the topic. But they did require a lot more daily maintenance than my birds and left me little time to do anything else. My friend came last weekend and gathered all her birds, her cages, and her supplies into a van and a trailer and headed off to Florida. My heart misses the songs of the Brazilian Cardinals and the antics of the Troupials, but I now only have two rooms full of birds instead of four. Continue reading “Daily Routines Without Boarders”

Finch Mania

Going back through photos I have taken, looking for specific things I haven’t really found, I came across a few photos of zebra finches from my early days of breeding. I love the normal gray zeebs, but my heart will always belong to the mutations. The black cheeks, the Isabels, the grizzles. Many mutations can’t be had here in the US, so I can only dream. Continue reading “Finch Mania”

Nests and Things

Another breeding season is upon us and I have hesitantly set up nest boxes in the outside aviaries. We aren’t even done with January and already it’s been a bad year at Windrose Aviaries. Much can be laid at my door due to not keeping the area clean and rodent free, and in one case using too small of a nest box. Still, some of it is bad luck and the forces of nature. Continue reading “Nests and Things”

Nursery Update

My daily life for the past three months and for the next month or so has been scheduled around a feeding schedule for baby birds. Three budgies, a turaco, button quail, six budgies, a surprise cockatiel, and five budgies. The most recent addition is a zebra finch. Life is rather crazy at the best of times. I am currently giving notice to friends and family that I could be cranky without cause. Continue reading “Nursery Update”