Cheep Excitement

You would not be wrong to think that I love my birds for all the fun and entertainment they provide. Having a sun conure nestle on my shoulder while I read, having an African gray parrot that mimics my voice, and an Amazon who can’t stand to have me in another part of the house without him makes my day much easier to get through. It also makes cleaning up after them and feeding them and making sure their water is clean more of an act of love than a chore. Continue reading “Cheep Excitement”

Avian Dreams

No, Maynard hasn’t been telling me about his dreams. In fact, he’s a little unhappy with me because when he starts screaming for no good reason, instead of covering him, I put a scary duck toy to hang on the side of his cage. He becomes distracted and lunges at the stuffed animal face. I hate covering him on warm days so if this continues to work for him, I’ll be a happy camper. Continue reading “Avian Dreams”

The Difference Between Parrots and Dogs

Sure, you know that dogs are mammals and parrots are birds. Dogs have puppies live and parrots lay eggs. Parrots often mate for life while dogs will hump any leg that wanders by. But really, there are other differences and depending on how important those are to you, you might be better off not getting a bird.

011319 rescue parrot

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Good Morning, Birds

My house is bursting with birds right now. I had expected to board some of them for a couple weeks, but sadly things have gotten complicated and they have been here over a month. It’s all on account of the real estate markets in the areas where my friend is looking. And I think it’s especially good that the birds are with me and not somewhere running up a huge bill for her. Continue reading “Good Morning, Birds”

2018 Christmas Day Bird Count

Ready to spend Christmas Day outside, counting everything with wings? The Audubon Society would really like for you to join in this all-volunteer event in your area. And there are lots of things to look at to get in the mood and prepare to be a part of history. This will be the 119th Bird Count, and every year this event becomes more important. More and more birds are endangered by a complicated mix of climate change, habitat destruction, and pollution impacts.

031716 irish birders

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The Best of Maynard

If you are new to my blog, let me introduce my double yellow Amazon, Maynard. He’s around 30 years old and I am at least the 7th person to provide him with a home. I believe he will be with me for the rest of his life. That is my hope. He was shuffled around so much because 1.) the original purchaser didn’t know much about keeping birds, 2.) people tend to dislike being lunged at and possibly bitten when he had been nice a few minutes ago, and 3.) he’s too noisy to keep around anyone who needs to sleep during the day, like small children. Oh, and 4.) the man who gave him to me died less than a year later. Continue reading “The Best of Maynard”

Holiday Treats for Birds

Ever eat a pine cone? As Euell Gibbons used to say, many parts are edible. And there are parrots and other birds who consider pine nuts an important part of their winter diet. But others might not get that excited about the treat. I did know a Red-lored Amazon who liked to break a scale off of the cone and use it to scratch himself. It’s late in the season, really, to collect the cones now, but that probably depends on where you live. Here in Southern California, many pine trees are just now dropping their cones. The way to make them ready for your parrots is pretty simple, especially if you get a good return of happy, quiet, play for your investment.

120618 pine-cones

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