Finch Mania

Going back through photos I have taken, looking for specific things I haven’t really found, I came across a few photos of zebra finches from my early days of breeding. I love the normal gray zeebs, but my heart will always belong to the mutations. The black cheeks, the Isabels, the grizzles. Many mutations can’t be had here in the US, so I can only dream. Continue reading “Finch Mania”

Still Thankful for My Flock

I wrote this post last year, and with a few changes, it holds the same for 2018.

I want to share with you how thankful I am for the birds with whom I share my days. Over the years as I became more involved in aviculture and my flock grew, I experienced amazing fun things, like a group of a dozen lovebirds flying over my head, some brave enough to land on me, in my living room. These birds also liked to ride on the ceiling fan. We never had it on when any of the birds were out, but these little clowns would land on the blades and flap their wings until it started to move, slowly. Continue reading “Still Thankful for My Flock”

Ringneck Romance

I blame Facebook for my love of Indian Ringneck parakeets. Seriously, I love the little guy who loves his bunnies and the one who plays peekaboo and the one who likes to put a ball in a cup and carry it around. I can watch those videos over and over, which is good because people who know I love birds send me every bird video out there. Over and over and over. Continue reading “Ringneck Romance”

Dani’s Leg-acy

In my flock, I have a number of special needs birds. There’s the blind African gray, the toeless African gray, the sun conure with odd toes, the lovebird with half a top beak and the green cheek conure with no top beak. I have a cockatiel who has never grown back the neck and head feathers his mate plucked off of him. I have two old canaries that are nearly blind and need their toenails trimmed monthly, which usually indicates a liver problem. And there’s Maynard, a special needs bird all of his own. He’s needy and grumpy and emotionally damaged from being passed around to so many homes. Continue reading “Dani’s Leg-acy”

October Potpourri

Maybe I should save this for February, but I absolutely cannot stop catching my lovebirds forming a perfect heart while sitting on a swing. They have their backs to me and each look over their outside wing to see me when I approach. I will attempt to get a picture of it, but they seem embarrassed to be caught doing that. No wonder they are called lovebirds, between the strong bond between mates and the heart shapes they can make. Continue reading “October Potpourri”

Not My Parrots, Not My Aviary, I Just Work Here

One of the joys of my life is taking care of other people’s birds. I was able to help out friends when one of them had an organ transplant and their lorikeet couldn’t be around him for a few months. I helped a breeder feed her baby birds while she took a trip to Hawaii, then a trip to a family reunion. And I have fostered a conure until her owner could take her back home. All of these experiences have been fun, educations, and a touch bittersweet when the birds went back to the owner. Continue reading “Not My Parrots, Not My Aviary, I Just Work Here”

What Are Words For?

After my recent post about helping rehome (I said adopt) a few birds, someone pointed out to me that the use of some phrases would cast my blog in a bad light. This educated, wonderful person pointed out that the terminology of the groups and ideologies which are working to eliminate our animals from our lives opens the door for them to carry their point and puts us at a disadvantage. Continue reading “What Are Words For?”

Mapping Their World

A step in recovering from the loss of my beloved terrier, Tilda, has been adopting a new dog. She’s a really loving and sweet girl named Astrid. She couldn’t be more different than Tilda, in spite of looking similar. I am particularly concerned about Astrid’s joy in chasing birds. When we walk at the lake, she tries to get all the doves and sparrows and jays that cross her path. Continue reading “Mapping Their World”

More Parrot Adoptions

If I were smarter, I probably would open an adoption agency for parrots. I’m not talking about a rescue, and I am happy they are out there. They provide a service that has a lot of value. I mean a place where prospective parronts can come and fill out paperwork about the kind of bird experience they have, what they are looking for, and the noise level they can stand. For a small fee, I will search my files where people post birds they need to rehome. Continue reading “More Parrot Adoptions”