Groomers and Sexing

Bird people have needs. They need to have their parrots’ wings clipped for safety and the birds’ nails trimmed for health. And if they plan to breed their birds, they need to know if they have males or females. The best success in breeding comes from having one of each sex. And they have to like each other. Some birds do mate for life, so they can be a bit picky. Continue reading “Groomers and Sexing”

Afraid of the Beak

Non-bird people and the occasional small bird person have said they would love to have a large, colorful parrot but the size of the beak on those guys is too scary. I guess I am unusual in that I look past that and first look into the eyes of the bird. Big parrots will “pin” their eyes, in other words, make their pupils into little pin holes, when they are interested in something. They also do this when they are afraid or mad and may bite. The eyes are the key to the bird’s behavior. Continue reading “Afraid of the Beak”

Jessie’s Story

My goal in downsizing my flock continues to be undermined by birds in need and my love of hatching out some eggs. I have a female Princess of Wales parakeet because she and her two clutch mates needed hand-feeding. I have a cockatiel because he needed a good home. I have Irish Fancy canary chicks because I wanted to hatch some canaries. And I have a perfectly sound African Gray Parrot now. Here’s that story. Continue reading “Jessie’s Story”

Spend Time in Nature

Forest Bathing is a thing. When my family took any kind of vacations, we would pack up the army surplus tent Mom bought and drive the short way to the Sunshine Highway, to the mountain campsites there. I have no memory of what we brought along for food, but I do remember seeing deer, hearing coyotes, and scaring rabbits in the meadows. Birds were everywhere and the jays were my favorites. The experience was relaxing and a treasured memory. Continue reading “Spend Time in Nature”

The Story of Honey Bun

One of several jobs I do for my bird club is monitor and answer the club emails. A member of the public didn’t know who to contact to rehome a cockatiel, so she reached out to the San Diego Audubon Society. I had just met the Audubon volunteer in March and of course I was happy to try to help the person with a cockatiel in need of a home. When I met the woman surrendering the bird, I was super impressed with her kind heart and thoughtfulness. Continue reading “The Story of Honey Bun”