Dog versus Parrot

Caution: Never allow dogs or cats alone and unsupervised with birds of any sort, out of their cage, flighted or clipped. Just. Don’t.

The best part of my weekdays are are in the afternoons. I get a chance to sit in my comfy chair, put my feet up, and read. Often Maynard, my Amazon parrot, will sit on the back of my chair and chew on a toy. At the same time, Tilda, my terrier mix, will sit on the ottoman and sleep. Continue reading “Dog versus Parrot”

Eggs for Easter

Traditions started as a new thing once upon a time and have been handed down until no body knows any longer why we put the eggs in the dye colors and then try to hide them. Sometimes these traditions go so far back that not even History remembers why. Then you have the people who come in and want to change the traditions from how they first started to something that aligns with their own beliefs.

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Continue reading “Eggs for Easter”

Wolves of the Sky

Note: As I have said before, a downside to having a large flock of birds is that you lose a few now and then. My sweet lovebird Tekla managed to get an electric shock, and died within hours, before we truly knew what had happened to her. Please be careful if you let your birds play on anything that carries a current.

One of the many joys of living in San Diego County is the availability of The San Diego Zoo and Safari (Wild Animal) Park. I can spend hours in either place, watching the birds and shooting bad phone photos. I’m really good at that. Continue reading “Wolves of the Sky”

One Hundred Finches Versus One Hundred Macaws

I get some strange looks when I tell people I have 70 birds. Years ago, when I had one hundred birds, I got even stranger looks. But as I rescued cockatiels and budgies and conures, the flock just grew until cage space became limited. Then we acquired the aviary, and our daughter moved out. Birds migrated to the outside cages and the back bedroom became the bird room. Continue reading “One Hundred Finches Versus One Hundred Macaws”