A Fool for Lovebirds

My flock had a great holiday. Everyone got millet, even the big parrots. Maynard was less than thrilled but the greys loved it. And every cage got one new toy or swing or something. Sun conures Zazu and Sunny got a long boing that hangs from the top of their tall cage, with a round boing attached at the bottom. They have been attacking it and playing on it non-stop. Continue reading “A Fool for Lovebirds”

A Parrot’s Holiday List

Today’s blog post is written by Maynard, the double yellow headed Amazon parrot who owns me.

Happy Holidays, folks! You know, your parrot needs to celebrate special days as much as you do. So be sure to include the feathered kids in the planning and decorating. For instance, when you bring a dead tree into the house, leave a few bare branches for parrots to perch on. We will add a few colorful decorations for you. You don’t even have to ask. Continue reading “A Parrot’s Holiday List”

Endangered Birds

This time of year, there are lots of cliches out about helping and giving and remembering those in need. I hope to avoid that while still reminding your that there are ways we can help save some birds from extinction. Even if we aren’t on the front lines, fighting to save important habitat lands and nesting sites, even if we aren’t conducting artificial insemination on endangered birds in captive breeding, there are many things we can do.

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Continue reading “Endangered Birds”