How do We Know Who to Help?

When the last white rhino dies, we will know as a species we failed to help when it would have made a difference. The little I did was to become a member of the San Diego Zoological Society. Not enough by any means. As gorillas, crocodiles, and bears all suffer because of human stupidity one way or another, they are at least getting media coverage, along with elephants and whales. Continue reading “How do We Know Who to Help?”

I Think Nacho Likes it Here

Some months ago, I had the pleasure of getting to know a green cheek conure named Nacho. He was giving the other parrot in his home a hard time, so his mom made the hard decision to rehome him. I offered, she brought him over, and we hit it off. Not only did we welcome him into the flock, but his mom has become an interesting person to stay in touch with. Continue reading “I Think Nacho Likes it Here”