Bring the Natives Back

Mankind has learned, the hard way, that meddling with predators and habitat leads to serious consequences for the whole, connected ecosystem. These days, we spend time and money in attempts to reverse our errors. Sometimes the very nature of the animal involved can be of assistance. Continue reading “Bring the Natives Back”


Bird Room Dreams

I have a bird room. It’s just your average bedroom with a closet and a window. But I have so many cool ideas of what I would like to do with it. I invite you to take a trip through my imagination. You don’t have to pack any special clothes, and you don’t need immunizations. Ready? Continue reading “Bird Room Dreams”

Which Parrot Would You Save?

You should know by now that parrots are the most endangered family of birds on the planet. Much of this is due to the pet trade, but much is also due to the destruction of habitat and the introduction of predators likes cats and rats to areas where the parrots had no fear. If you had all the money needed, and all the time and resources to do so, which parrot would you save? Continue reading “Which Parrot Would You Save?”

World Picture

Today in my corner of the world, we have rain. Last week at this time we had 90+ degrees f. I wore as little as I could get away with and had every fan in the house pointed at me. After a very hot summer, we are hearing rumors of an El Nino condition. And we have had those before, but somehow intelligent people are a little more concerned these days about the odd weather patterns. Continue reading “World Picture”