Wetlands Conservation is Important

I have a pair of beautiful red-rumped grass parrots. These small hookbills originate in Australia and are especially found in the Western Australian area known as the Murray-Darling economic. As a result, my pair is named Murray and Darling. They are young and didn’t mate successfully this past spring. I have high hopes for next year. Continue reading “Wetlands Conservation is Important”

The Big Project

If you read this blog, you know I have a bird room. Many people are confused when they walk into the living room and see the cages there, then are invited to see the Bird Room. Often, I am too embarrassed to actually show it off. There has been cages in need of cleaning, seed on the floor, mice being careful not to eat the poison, and general dirt and stink. Yuck. Continue reading “The Big Project”

BioSecurity Hits Home

California is in the midst of an outbreak of Exotic Newcastle Disease (END). So far, only backyard chickens and a few doves have been confirmed to be infected. If you remember the sweeping fear and destruction caused many birds, usually 100% in an infected flock, to be killed. Named after the first place to isolate the illness, Newcastle causes severe disease in poultry, hitting the alimentary, respiratory, and central nervous systems. Continue reading “BioSecurity Hits Home”