Happiness is a Nursery Full of Baby Parrots

I came to birds late in my life, so I don’t feel comfortable with hand raising and keeping parrots that will outlive me. Cockatiels and budgies and finches are no problem right now, though the day will come when I will not be breeding any longer. So I am thrilled to have this chance to care for five young parrots for a week. Continue reading “Happiness is a Nursery Full of Baby Parrots”

Summer Goes Out in a Blaze

In Southern California, the end of August and beginning of September are often the hottest days of the year. Today the temp got up to 101 degrees f by 1:00 PM. Inside, it stayed a sultry 94. Looks like a thunderstorm is heading in and the rain is bringing the temp down a bit. As I write this, the sun should be setting in another couple hours, so there’s a chance things will cool off tonight enough for me to sleep. Continue reading “Summer Goes Out in a Blaze”

China Birds

One of my walking friends is Chinese. She travels a lot and hikes almost every week. She asked me if I knew what kind of birds were kept as pets in China. She often reads about gentlemen taking their caged bird along to the tea house where they would spend the day, reading, talking, and drinking tea. I realized I know a good deal about birds in Africa, South America, Australia, North America, India, and some parts of Asia. But almost nothing about birds in China. Continue reading “China Birds”