A Day in the Life of Scooter, a Button Quail

Actually, there’s not much to say about Scooter’s day. He scoots across his cage when the lights come on. He paces the cage and drinks and eats. He panics whenever I go into the room. He hates being alone and calls mournfully for a mate to find him. Typical male button quail, typical Scooter. So here’s the rest of his story. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of Scooter, a Button Quail”

Io and Jessie Carry On

The big romance in my flock is keeping me amused. While there’s no chance African Grays Blind Io and Jessie will get the chance to actually mate and raise chicks, I find it interesting to watch the course of their little almost romance. CAG Bo Dangles is less than thrilled about the whole thing and has refused to leave her cage for months, now. Continue reading “Io and Jessie Carry On”

Parrots in Need

Recent studies have shown that parrots are among the most endangered species on our planet. They have intelligence, the ability to talk, the tendency to bond closely to people, and a colorful appearance that attracts and pleases the eye. People love parrots. And so they are sought as pets, as study subjects, and zoo residents, and as feather decorations. Some tribes in the Amazon and Africa also eat parrots because there are no Qwik Marts available. We need to draw a line between our “civilized” reactions and the culture and traditions of other peoples. Continue reading “Parrots in Need”

Fall in Love with Cockatiels

Many people have a pet cockatiel as their first bird. After finches, I was gifted with a male cockatiel whom I named Palafox. Even though he hated hands and would not step up, he would step from his cage to my shoulder and sit there preening my hair. He sang sweet chirpy songs and became spoiled rotten. No wonder these Australian small parrots are so popular here. Continue reading “Fall in Love with Cockatiels”

A Day in the Life of Citron the Sun Conure

If you have never had a conure in your flock, you could be missing the perfect companion bird for you. Each species of conure has its own special attributes and problems. Green Cheeks are the quieter ones, Golden Conures are the top of the line, and in between is a range of delights to choose from. If you want a clown bird, then consider a Sun Conure. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of Citron the Sun Conure”

Birds and the Apocalypse

Could be all of us have friends who are survivalists, who expect civilization to cease to exist suddenly and thus have learned how to find water, build shelters with limited tools, hunt small game, and glean roots, berries, nuts, and wild grains. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyway, with things as they are in the world at large, these folks might not be as far off base as all that. My dog would have to learn to hunt for her dinner and go without regular grooming. Unless I can keep a pair of scissors sharp. Continue reading “Birds and the Apocalypse”

Measurable Outcomes

I am a dedicated recycler. Bottles, cans, paper, plastic, cardboard, even some organic wastes like grass and branches. I’m not perfect, it’s not a complete process at my house, but I still like the idea that I am helping out with the environment and the endangered wildlife in the world. I thought it was time to take a look at how that is going. Continue reading “Measurable Outcomes”

Fall in Love with Zebra Finches

Welcome to the first of my monthly bird species-focused blogs. I decided to start with finches and work my way up. I hope you will have a good time reading this and maybe share your own zebra finch stories in the comments. They are considered starter birds for enthusiasts, so I’d imagine a bunch of us have had them. Continue reading “Fall in Love with Zebra Finches”

A Day in the Life of Maynard

Most weekday mornings, our house wakes up at 5:30 am. When I walk into Maynard’s area in the office, he usually growls at me. As I move on, turning on other lights and saying good morning to Jessie, Tron, Bo, and Io, he settles down. He might even say, “Good morning!” to me when I go out. I rattle around in the kitchen and pour coffee for myself and Mike. Then I make my breakfast. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of Maynard”

Bo and Jessie and Io

I’m a huge fan of African gray parrots for their personalities and intelligence. My ideal parrot would be a Congo African Gray that was young and willing to learn new things. I’ve put this word out to the Universe many times. I did have a Timneh African Gray for a few months, Jordan. And I got to hand feed a baby CAG who I called Digger and his eventual family named Alex. Yes, Alex from Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s research study. That may even be the source of my own fondness for these creatures.

090819 alex and me

Continue reading “Bo and Jessie and Io”