Extinction Possible Due to Lack of Evolution

When we think of animals that are active in the night, in the dark, we usually picture something like an Owl or a Kangaroo Rat. These creatures have enormous eyes so they can capture as much of the available light from stars or the moon and move around with confidence. This is how they remain successful at finding food, mating, and raising young. Take away the ability, and the animal will not do well. Continue reading “Extinction Possible Due to Lack of Evolution”

Fall in Love with Special Needs Birds

My female half-moon conure, Dani, came to me with a serious condition of splayed leg. She managed to get around well anyway and slept on her back on the floor of her cage at night. We gave her a towel and she often wrapped that up around her. She is too adorable. Last year she got into trouble with one foot when a strip of paper wrapped around her ankle and cut off her circulation. I brought her to the vet, the leg was amputated since she really didn’t use it, and to this day Dani is as funny and sweet as she ever was. I asked the vet about bringing in parrots for well-bird check-ups. He told me the price, and I told him about Blind Io and Bo Dangles. The vet looked at me and said, “You take in lots of special needs birds, don’t you?” Continue reading “Fall in Love with Special Needs Birds”

The Odd Couple

I firmly believe there is no racism in my flock. I have same sex couples, couples of different species, and birds of a wide variety of colors all in the same aviary. Animals are much less likely to judge other animals and people by color, the exception being that those who are territorial will attack any sort of threat, real or perceived. And birds of prey are not welcome. Continue reading “The Odd Couple”

Saving Mexico’s Wild Scarlet Macaws

I was asked nicely by a friend if I would join her as representatives of our Bird Club to the American Federation of Aviculturists (AFA). I agreed and I am so very happy that I did. The organization puts out a beautiful glossy magazine, The Watchbird, and have just added a newsprint newsletter, Conservation News. And the main topic of the newsletter is the title of this post, above. Continue reading “Saving Mexico’s Wild Scarlet Macaws”

Birds of Myth, Sacred Birds, and Birds of Fiction

Birds have always fascinated me, which goes a long way to explain why I share my life with so many. But certainly other people, current or through history, have felt the same way. Native Americans revered the eagle, both golden and bald, and only the best warriors could wear the bird’s feathers. So who else loved birds? Continue reading “Birds of Myth, Sacred Birds, and Birds of Fiction”

Fall in Love with Indian Ringneck Parakeets

This is one of the easiest things to do. Ringnecks love people if they have been hand raised. These birds, sometimes called parrots, sometimes called parakeets, are funny and when they get attached to their people, they want to be with you all the time. They are super popular on YouTube,playing peekaboo, talking to stuffed bunnies, and in general being adorable. Continue reading “Fall in Love with Indian Ringneck Parakeets”