Bird Club Outreach

I have been a member of North County Aviculturists for something like 15 years. I took a couple years off over disagreements about members that we knew had too many birds but no one did an intervention. I’m over it. I can only hope and pray everyone knows their own limitations and that we don’t have another situation where someone passes away and we have to call in volunteers to feed, water, and rehome 104 large parrots. Okay, not all were large parrots, but it was not a wonderful situation. Continue reading “Bird Club Outreach”

Conservation and Controversy

We are used to seeing and hearing the phrase, “Fake News” in so many places these days. Anyone who refuses to accept facts against their own beliefs might resort to calling those facts fake. But to see that phrase come up in reference to a noted naturalist and his work to locate and preserve the hugely endangered Night Parrot hits a little too hard for bird lovers.

Continue reading “Conservation and Controversy”

Daily Routines Without Boarders

I want to state clearly that I loved having my friend’s birds stay with me. I hope I have conveyed that in past blogs on the topic. But they did require a lot more daily maintenance than my birds and left me little time to do anything else. My friend came last weekend and gathered all her birds, her cages, and her supplies into a van and a trailer and headed off to Florida. My heart misses the songs of the Brazilian Cardinals and the antics of the Troupials, but I now only have two rooms full of birds instead of four. Continue reading “Daily Routines Without Boarders”

The Flight Lady

Given a choice of a house of my own to decorate, I am convinced I would make every bedroom but one into a flight. One for finches, one for conures, one for the special needs birds, and perhaps Maynard might have his own room. Outside, I would build the largest number of aviaries that the lands would support. This imagines that I am strong enough and energetic enough to take care of all these rooms and flights. How perfect it will all be. Continue reading “The Flight Lady”

Conservation: The Lost Bird Project

This may be old news to many of you. I recently was searching for a short documentary on birds to show at my bird club’s annual movie night. Not many documentaries are only 60 minutes long, although lots of great TV shows hit that mark. So I was happy to find a video that lasted only 58 minutes. And I looked into the subject matter. Continue reading “Conservation: The Lost Bird Project”

Why I Board Birds

One day I was sitting in my relaxation chair with my dog on my lap. I was reading an engrossing story and barely notices when the sound of wings fluttering came into the room. I expected that the sound came from one of the birds in the living room cages. A few minutes later, I got up to get back to work. On my love seat, sitting calmly and looking around with interest, a Parson finch relaxed. Oh, so that’s the source of the sound. Continue reading “Why I Board Birds”