The Bird Hours

In medieval times, women (mostly) and men of wealth carried or had nearby a Book of Hours. This small, beautifully illuminated manuscript contained prayers, psalms, Bible verses, and a ton of things that a devout Christian would do during the day. These are the primary types of manuscripts that survived to present day. I have had the pleasure of seeing one and holding it in my gloved hands.

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Road Trip!

In a day or two, I’ll be going north with a friend to our favorite bird store, Magnolia Bird Farm in Corona. I’ve never been to their Anaheim store, so someday I will plan on that. In the meantime, I am looking forward to zipping up to the place I call the Disneyland for Bird Lovers. Continue reading

Button Quail Happen

Last week I was happily going about my business, cleaning bird cages, doing house chores, feeding birds, when I happened to look in my smallest button quail cage. This is a regular bird cage with a solid floor on the bottom grill. It’s a moment of desperation cage, as buttons can’t be housed together if you have more than one male. Continue reading

The World For Parrots

Fewer parrots every day are able to live in their original homelands. The declining numbers make most of us aviculturists heartsick. Yet aviculture is one of the saving graces for birds of many species. And on top of that, we have exciting news like the recent sighting in Brazil. Possibly for the first time in decades, a Spix’s Macaw was seen flying through the trees. The species has not been confirmed, but it’s a big, blue parrot. Continue reading