Indian Ringnecks

For many years now I have been finding adorable videos online of adorable Indian ringneck parakeets. There’s this one:

And Marnie, who has a lot of videos:

And this one:

Let’s not forget this one: Continue reading

More on Hand feeding

Goodness, those baby cockatiels are growing. Some nights they don’t want any food from me, as they have been happily nibbling on millet and pellets most of the day. They have water and some toys and one perch which no one is using yet. I may give them a ladder soon to see if that helps with perching. Continue reading

Babies in the Nursery Again

Apparently, I do not understand the meaning of the words to downsize. According to it means:

verb (used with object), downsized, downsizing.

1. to design or manufacture a smaller version or type of:

The automotive industry downsized its cars for improved fuel economy.

2. to reduce in number; cut back. Continue reading