What Are Words For?

After my recent post about helping rehome (I said adopt) a few birds, someone pointed out to me that the use of some phrases would cast my blog in a bad light. This educated, wonderful person pointed out that the terminology of the groups and ideologies which are working to eliminate our animals from our lives opens the door for them to carry their point and puts us at a disadvantage. Continue reading “What Are Words For?”

Mapping Their World

A step in recovering from the loss of my beloved terrier, Tilda, has been adopting a new dog. She’s a really loving and sweet girl named Astrid. She couldn’t be more different than Tilda, in spite of looking similar. I am particularly concerned about Astrid’s joy in chasing birds. When we walk at the lake, she tries to get all the doves and sparrows and jays that cross her path. Continue reading “Mapping Their World”

More Parrot Adoptions

If I were smarter, I probably would open an adoption agency for parrots. I’m not talking about a rescue, and I am happy they are out there. They provide a service that has a lot of value. I mean a place where prospective parronts can come and fill out paperwork about the kind of bird experience they have, what they are looking for, and the noise level they can stand. For a small fee, I will search my files where people post birds they need to rehome. Continue reading “More Parrot Adoptions”

A World Without Clean Water

Most of us are aware of all the unsightly plastic garbage being thrown or washed into the oceans. Milk jugs, bags, straws, these are just a few of the discards we humans send off to the deep blue. These items end up in the stomachs of many sea creatures, many birds, and all fish. We are taking baby steps to correct and reverse these things, but it may be too late. We’ve lost the attention of our politicians and seem to be on the path to destruction. Continue reading “A World Without Clean Water”

How Can I Ignore Him When He’s So Loud?

Those who know parrots and know how to work with them always advise against rewarding a bird with attention for bad behavior. I wonder if these people actually live in the same house with their parrot subjects. Parrots are smarter than many other animals we share our lives with. We often can’t help rewarding them in some way. Continue reading “How Can I Ignore Him When He’s So Loud?”

Quail Tales

Button quail, also known as Chinese painted quail, have the cutest chicks imaginable. Born precocial like chickens, these kids know nothing. They are prone to losing body heat, splayed legs, drowning, and starving. Mom might show them where to find the food and water, and they might be lucky enough to keep warm overnight under her. But Dad is often determined to remove these little pests from his territory. Continue reading “Quail Tales”