Australia’s Migratory Parrots

Many birds evolved to find a breeding ground in one part of the world, and a rest of the year home in another part of the world. The birds migrate, and tons of videos and books have been written about most of them. Still astonishing, how high and how far some of these creatures can go. And that it’s worth it to raise young in a very fertile area but not to live there year round. Continue reading “Australia’s Migratory Parrots”

The Doves

I have one pair of very pretty doves. The female, Sky, wisely picked a friend of mine’s yard when she became injured. The friend took her inside and called me. They took her to a vet, who treated a wound on her side, and gave her antibiotics. When Sky recovered completely, the friend brought her to me. I obtained a pretty tangerine ring neck dove and put him, Storm, in the aviary with Sky. Continue reading “The Doves”

Cuisine ala Che Hungerford

My personal preference for bird drinking water is the use of tube waterers. These contained reservoirs keep the water cleaner and available for a couple days if need arises. However, some birds still like to stuff food into the little trough at the bottom and make some sort of Pellet Surprise. Especially birds that might be breeding and raising chicks. Continue reading “Cuisine ala Che Hungerford”