Barking Mad

We just adopted a beautiful, loving medium-size dog from the local county shelters. We call her Tilda, and in less than a week she learned that name. She’s smart, loves to cuddle and lick her people, doesn’t bother the birds, but still isn’t sure how she feels about the cat. Luckily the cat is outside and Tilda is inside. Continue reading “Barking Mad”


Thankful Flock

I couldn’t begin to cover all the things and people and circumstance in my life for which I am thankful. I need more than one day, or even a four-day weekend, to cover it. I am so blessed and hope I can give back in many ways at every opportunity. Continue reading “Thankful Flock”

Peculiar Parrot Tricks

Remember the bit on a certain TV show called Stupid Pet Tricks? Well, my birds aren’t stupid, but their “tricks” are kinda peculiar. I’ve mentioned several times that my toeless Congo African Gray parrot, Bobo, likes to hang by her beak from the top of her cage. Not really a trick, because she won’t do it on command. Only when she wants extra attention. Continue reading “Peculiar Parrot Tricks”