The Lovebird Dilemma

Some months back, I hand fed three lovebird chicks, weaned them, and found homes for them. They were calm, sweet babies and I am sure they bonded with their new flock quickly. By the time I emptied them out of brooder and cage, there were three more chicks in the nest. Continue reading “The Lovebird Dilemma”


Parrot Envy

My readers both know that Maynard, my double yellow headed Amazon parrot, is my fair haired – er, feathered, child. He gets more treats, out time, and conversations than the other birds in the flock. Some of this is because he demands it. But part of it is that he’s just such a joy and a love. Continue reading “Parrot Envy”

A Cockatiel Can’t Deal with Change

Note: This story was originally written for the North County Aviculturists’ Newsletter, AviNews in 2008. I no longer have TJ and some of my teils are outside these days.


All of my cockatiels are housed inside my living room, and given the run of the house every other night or so. Few of them like to leave the living room, and some nights they just don’t want to leave the cage. It’s more often a summer night that has them out looking around, and more often the youngsters than the older birds. Just for references, I have 14 cockatiels, one that was purchased, the rest rehomed to us. Continue reading “A Cockatiel Can’t Deal with Change”