Keeping the Dirt Clean

My totally unrealistic dream is to have the majority of the birds in nice aviaries outside. Part of the reason is because the cleaning would be so much easier. I have one large aviary right now, with four cockatiels and a button quail. I have two breeding cages that are across the air lock from the aviary, with a pair of budgies in one and a pair of proven violet mutation peach face lovebirds in the other. To clean the aviary, I just need a bucket and a shovel. About three or four times a year, I scoop up the dropped seed and haul it away. Continue reading “Keeping the Dirt Clean”

What did My Shoes Ever Do to You?

Maynard time. He gets the most attention, I always drag him out when company comes over, people ask about him. I steal packets of crackers from buffets so I can give them to him. I keep tortilla chips that I can’t eat on hand because he likes them. I cook too much pasta because Maynard likes it. But he doesn’t seem to realize how much I do for him. Continue reading “What did My Shoes Ever Do to You?”