The Hazards of Parrot Companions

Our tracking of how many days since a bird has bitten anyone here just got reset. I was cleaning Bo’s cage, and she was playing on the floor. Due to her lack of perching ability, the bottom of her cage is solid. As I spread the towel on the bottom, I could not see her. She thought, I believe, that I was playing with her. So she launched herself up and grabbed the moving towel. And my finger. Continue reading “The Hazards of Parrot Companions”

The Daily Adventures of Maynard

Being retired is a good thing, but not as relaxing or even boring for me as one might think. I have a good size flock of birds to monitor, the occasional tragedy to get over, and writing to complete. I also have to keep improving my health. This means exercise and measuring what I eat. So I guess it’s not unusual for me to think how nice life could be if I were an Amazon parrot. A really spoiled, much loved parrot. Here’s his daily schedule. Continue reading “The Daily Adventures of Maynard”