The World For Parrots

Fewer parrots every day are able to live in their original homelands. The declining numbers make most of us aviculturists heartsick. Yet aviculture is one of the saving graces for birds of many species. And on top of that, we have exciting news like the recent sighting in Brazil. Possibly for the first time in decades, a Spix’s Macaw was seen flying through the trees. The species has not been confirmed, but it’s a big, blue parrot. Continue reading “The World For Parrots”

Apple Cider Vinegar

In my kitchen, I have two Brita pitchers that I use to fill up the drinking water tubes and dishes for all my birds. The Brita pitchers are easy to use, and we also have a water bottle style filter system that holds much more water but dispenses it slowly. So we keep that for human consumption. And even with data showing the filters don’t do a whole lot for the water, I still feel better doing this rather than not.

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The Hospital Cage

When you care for birds, you need to be prepared for the worst that could happen. A first aid kit is certainly a requirement. You can easily put one together for your flock by Googling that. You’ll find the basic to the thorough.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a veterinarian or an animal medical worker. Sick birds are usually very ill by the time they show any symptoms. Consult your qualified avian vet before trying any home solutions. Only resort to home care if a vet cannot be reached quickly.

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You MIGHT have a Parrot If

If your house has lots of child-proof locks and gates, but no one under 21 ever comes to your house.

If your wardrobe has a special section for shirts that have been chewed through in spots.

If you ever have gone to work without knowing that you had a bird deposit on your clothes. Or if your spouse hugs you and then later finds the bird deposit has been transferred. Continue reading “You MIGHT have a Parrot If”