Saving Mexico’s Wild Scarlet Macaws

I was asked nicely by a friend if I would join her as representatives of our Bird Club to the American Federation of Aviculturists (AFA). I agreed and I am so very happy that I did. The organization puts out a beautiful glossy magazine, The Watchbird, and have just added a newsprint newsletter, Conservation News. And the main topic of the newsletter is the title of this post, above. Continue reading “Saving Mexico’s Wild Scarlet Macaws”

Conservation and The Wall

I try to stay away from political topics, but this one is glaring and scary. In the United States at this time we have no power base that is protecting our lands, our water, our wildlife, even our people, from pollution, habitat loss, climate change, or any other human-created catastrophe. This lack of concern started at the very top of our government and has trickled down through people committing hate crimes in record numbers. If there is such a willingness to kill humans, how can there be any concern for animals? Continue reading “Conservation and The Wall”

Conservation of the Future

If you are a fan of the movie Silent Running, you know that the world in 1972 believed humans were going to do Really Bad Things to Planet Earth and have to launch into space all remaining plants and animals to save them. And then blow them up anyway. Oops! Spoiler. Rachel Carson started opening eyes with her book, Silent Spring, ten years earlier. But I have to wonder if any of this created a feeling of inevitability and therefore became self-fulfilling prophecy. Continue reading “Conservation of the Future”

Staying Positive in Conservation

As an American, I have become very depressed and hurt due to the state of conservation in my country. The government has no wish to sacrifice even a few dollars to help any creature in the wild survive. They would gladly pollute the air, the water, and the land to put more money in their own pockets. This attitude is so disheartening for those of us who know the earth cannot tolerate this treatment for very long. We already face the extinction of bees, which will signal the slow death by starvation of the human race. Continue reading “Staying Positive in Conservation”

Measurable Outcomes

I am a dedicated recycler. Bottles, cans, paper, plastic, cardboard, even some organic wastes like grass and branches. I’m not perfect, it’s not a complete process at my house, but I still like the idea that I am helping out with the environment and the endangered wildlife in the world. I thought it was time to take a look at how that is going. Continue reading “Measurable Outcomes”

When Did We Stop?

There was a time in human history when we revered the earth and all that thrived on her surface. Cultures worshiped her as the source of creation. Gaia lived in our hearts as the mother, the giver of life, who created us and sustains us. While that’s not currently a popular faith, it is mostly true. Without the earth, without air, fresh water, plants, trees, animals, birds, fish, and places to build shelter, we will cease to exist. Continue reading “When Did We Stop?”

People versus Parrots: Endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoos and Urban Renewal

Residents of southwestern Australia, specifically Perth and there about, love the beautiful, funny, inquisitive, and iconic Carnaby’s black cockatoo. Nonetheless, it has been on the endangered species lists for decades now. That has not stopped the decline of the bird, dropping at an alarming rate of 15% per year. Loss of habitat for breeding, loss of food sources, and illegal wildlife trade all contribute to this sad situation. Continue reading “People versus Parrots: Endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoos and Urban Renewal”